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What is Human Resource Management?

Let’s start with a brief definition. Human Resource Management, is the practice of managing people to achieve better performance.

When we talk about Human Resource Management, there are a number of elements that are considered cornerstones:

  1. Recruitment & selection

  2. Performance management

  3. Learning & development

  4. Employee Relations

  5. Compensation and benefits

  6. Human Resources Information Systems

  7. HR data and analytics

Even small organisations need to be thinking about HR because as long as you have staff or intend to have staff at some point you'll need to be thinking about these 7 fundamental areas. You may be fine in the short term but the long term effects of not having a HR presence can be damaging and could result in you losing good people, holding on to poor performing staff for too long, reputational damage and the list goes on...

If you want to speak to find out more about HR and we could help your business, contact us to experience Rare HR, HR the right way!

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