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So much Hype about Employee Experience!

What is all the hype about?

Employee Experience has always existed but in different forms. It is also referred to as employee engagement or satisfaction. It is described as how the employee feels about working in an organisation. The interactions, observations, encounters and perceptions at different stages of the employment cycle. In the 21st century, it is increasingly important for organisations to ensure that each stage of the HR life cycle has a positive influence on the employee experience. This will determine the level of engagement, satisfaction, motivation, performance and retention of talents in the organisation. In this post we will focus on Recruitment. Websites like Glassdoor are available to help job seekers to get a sneak peak into the culture of organisations from the perception of current or past employees before they begin the recruitment process. The demand for sites like Glassdoor demonstrates a rising need for job seekers to understand what their experience will be like at an organisation. Organisations that choose to ignore the need to build a strong employee experience will scare potential talents due to negative reviews.

Recruitment - This is the1st place the employer gets to interact, introduce company culture and establish trust with potential employees and indeed1st impressions count. This is also an opportunity for the organisation to ensure people become advocates for your organization – regardless of whether they join your organization or not. Below are possible ways to boost employee experience at the recruitment stage.

- Updated websites with detailed information on the recruitment process which allows the employee prepare for the process.

- Keep the job application process simply and user friendly

- Be flexibility with time schedules and mode of completing certain stages like aptitude tests and interviews (especially with the new way of working in a pandemic)

- Communication - Job seekers are usually anxious and want to get prompt feedback every step of the way. All candidates who begin the recruitment journey should be notified at what stage they drop out of the process.

- Onboarding process for successful candidates should be smooth and leave the new hire satisfied with their decision to join the organisation.

- Feedback from both successful and unsuccessful candidates on the general recruitment process (Step by step) is a great opportunity to improve both the recruitment process and experience for the organisation.

A strong employee experience is one of the most powerful investments your organization can make. It’ll lead to noticeable benefits such as a wider talent pool and also ensures that your employees are set up for success before joining the organisation.

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